Cancellation Policy

You have the option to cancel your confirmed booking by submitting a written request via email. However, please note that if you decide to cancel after your tour has been confirmed or if you fail to complete the full payment within the designated timeframe, a cancellation fee will be applicable. The cancellation fees are outlined as follows:
  • Cancellation 30 Days or More Before Tour Start: In the event that you cancel more than 30 days before the commencement of your tour, a forfeiture of $40 (USD) will occur from your deposit. This amount represents a single day’s charge to access our facility. The remainder of your deposit will be reimbursed within 30 days.
  • Cancellation 7 to 29 Days Before Tour Start: If you choose to cancel within the range of 7 to 29 days before your scheduled tour start, you will forfeit either 10% of your homestay’s total cost or $60 (USD) from your deposit, whichever value is higher.
  • Cancellation Less Than 7 Days Before Tour Start: Should you decide to cancel within 7 days of the tour’s starting date, a forfeiture of 20% of your total tour cost or $60 (USD) from your deposit will apply. This minimum of $80 covers the mandatory 3-day facility usage.
  • No-shows and Late Arrivals: Failure to appear at the scheduled arrival time without prior notice will result in a 30% forfeiture of the total tour cost. However, bookings for our homestay will remain intact if you arrive within three days from your booking’s commencement.
  • Mid-Tour Cancellation: If, during your stay, you choose to cancel the remaining portion of your tour due to reasons beyond Tibethomestay’s control, any fees or expenses you have already paid will not be refunded. Should you wish to make new bookings for additional activities or destinations, extra costs will apply.

Please be aware that the date of cancellation notification will be considered the actual date on which we receive your written communication at our premises, either through email or fax.

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